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Feb 05 20 - friends only.
『 alice 』 → flower child.
friends only.
I'll get a banner & pretty this up later. <3

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『 hughes 』 → 8DDDDDD
Oh my goodness. I just came across this a year late. ;______; IT MAKES ME WANT TO CRY AND STUFF. I'M SERIOUSLY SO TOUCHED SOBS.

I don't know if anyone on my f-list is still alive lol but I suppose some updating is in order for anyone who cares! I'm currently going into my third year of college and I'm pre-med (which really leaves little time for being creative). I've been super busy this summer, taking summer classes, working, doing research, MCAT prep, and planning rush -- oh right, I pledged a sorority last year and I'll be picking up a lil sis in the fall! :D I've been making a small return to photoshop since I've been designing all our flyers and t-shirts and whatnot, so hooray for middle/high school hobbies being useful in the real world (sort of)!

Anyhow, I have finals next week for summer school, and naturally I do everything possible to delay studying, which has included photoshop-ing for fun, and I guess that's what brought me back to livejournal, since I was looking for some inspiration. I can't really guarantee a return to lj or iconning or anything (especially since I'm not creative anymore and suck lol), in fact, I don't expect to ever be as active here as I was a few years ago. I'm so much busier now and growing up sucks, but if anyone's still around I'd love to keep in touch and hear what you've been up to! And I'm always wasting time on tumblr so feel free to drop me a line no matter how late you see this post! (:
Feb 22 09 - 137.
『 alice 』 → flower child.
Sep 23 08 - 118.
『 alice 』 → flower child.
So, erm. Does anyone know any specific posts (I've already skimmed through a few communities) where I can find some awesome Pride and Prejudice icons? 8D;
Or any good Atonement or Becoming Jane ones while I'm at it? XDDD; ♥
Aug 21 08 - 110.
『 alice 』 → flower child.

Edit: Thank you to everyone who's replied, by the way! :`D ♥ ♥ ♥ ~
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